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Renovation Design
Design Services for New Construction
Years of experience providing asbuilt surveys, asbestos
management and indoor air quality consulting serves as
the foundation for providing comprehensive renovation
design. Renovation design is often provided concurrent
with major asbestos abatement, mold remediation or
simply to accommodate adaptive reuse, modernization
or other building upgrades. Morrison/EDM possesses
the specialized experience to quickly assess the existing
construction and program a sensible, cost effective
approach for the construction project.
“Good design” can mean many things and has
traditionally been measured by winning awards. We
believe good design means solving the project’s unique
needs in ways that are meaningful to the client, with
attributes such as function, environmental quality and
predictable maintenance and energy costs. In recent
years, construction costs have escalated to
unprecedented highs - and are continuing to rise.
Morrison/EDM is committed to providing cost effective
design solutions that meaningful to the client’s business.
Renovation is an opportunity to solve problems in a meaningful way
Roofs should be blue - like the sky
Accurate, comprehensive collection of asbuilt data
Cost effective approach to hazard management
Detailed programming to develop project scope
Comprehensive construction documents reduce cost
Project web site provides information to project team
Strong programming skills define project scope
Sensible, cost effective building design
Emphasis on long term operations and maintenance
Sustainable strategies for air quality and energy costs
Philosophy that good design meets client’s needs
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