Support Services for Design, Construction
and Facility Management
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Architectural Surveys
Indoor Air Quality
Asbestos Management
Today’s marketplace demands the most
effective use of existing space, as well
as elimination of unexpected changes
during renovation. Asbuilt surveys for
real estate evaluation, renovation and
facility management are carefully
conducted for the owner or design
architect, resulting in accurate plans of
the existing facility. Structural,
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
information can also be collected at any
level of detail, suitable for renovation
design work, operations or long term
facility maintenance. CAD compatible
with most major hardware and software
Services include consultation with
owners, architects and engineers for
both new design and facility renovation,
along with surveys, air sampling and
remediation design. Air quality surveys
may either be proactive for compliance
with standards, or performed as a
response to specific occupant
complaints. Full instrumentation
capability is available for measuring
contaminants, ventilation and
environmental conditions in the facility.
Facility inspections, management
planning and abatement design are
performed with the specificity that could
only be provided by a professional,
experienced Architect. Morrison/EDM
works closely with the owner and/or the
design architect prior to renovation
construction to identify asbestos
materials and insure that regulatory
requirements are met. Our precise
design documents result in highly
competitive bids to mitigate the impact
on the overall project budget. For facility
managers, asbestos inspection data can
be compiled in database format for easy
reference during maintenance and
construction work.
Custom Data Summary Form
Laser Technology for Measurements
Plans, Elevations, Sections & Details
Digital Photographic Survey
Web Publishing for Data Retrieval
Independent Laboratory Analysis
Mold Sampling and Identification
Evaluation of Building Systems
Recommendations for Remediation
Advanced Remediation Design
Initial Survey for Risk Assessment
Clear, Concise Inspection Report
Custom Database for Management
Cost Saving Abatement Designs
Oversight/Project Management
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