Mission: Sustainable Reuse of Existing Facility Infrastructure
In the beginning
Morrison & Associates began as a
general architectural firm in 1982,
providing design services for a
variety of government and private
clients. Renovation work became a
specialty and a sensitivity to building
ecology and environmental issues
was soon realized.
In 1989, “Environmental Design and
Management” was appended to the
firm name to reflect the added
offerings of asbestos and indoor air
quality services. Throughout the
early 1990's, Morrison/EDM
provided asbestos services -
inspections and hazard management
plans - for national corporations,
completing 800+ projects located in
42 states and six Canadian
Other support services were soon
added by client request, including
the as-built facility survey which
documents existing architectural and
mechanical/electrical conditions in a
building, providing accurate base
plans for subsequent design work by
others. In just a few years, hundreds
of these as-built surveys were
Architectural Design
Having started as a design firm,
Morrison/EDM has returned to the
traditional practice of architecture,
incorporating the experience and
principles gained from many years of
site investigation. Of special note is
our acute appreciation of long term
maintenance and operating costs,
courtesy of the many facility
managers we have met along the
Enterprise Support
Today, Morrison/EDM relishes the
‘Project Team Member’ role in
delivering meaningful services to our
clients. Our services are designed to
add value and enhance the design
and construction process, working
directly for the Owner, the Design
Architect or the Construction
When serving a the design architect,
Morrison/EDM brings to bear a long
history of solid project management.
A Service Delivery Program
The sheer volume of site evaluation
experience has led to a well
organized system for Project
Delivery. In a supporting role,
Morrison/EDM collects, manages
and delivers site data for multi -
location design and construction
programs, and delivers that
information to the Project Team via
project web sites.
Commitment to the Existing
The inventory of existing buildings
warrants careful, intelligent
redevelopment. Although many
facilities are distressed, the
opportunity for creative hazard
abatement and reuse is tremendous.
Commitment to Sustainability
Appreciative of the vast inventory of
existing facility infrastructure,
Morrison/EDM has developed a
specific interest in sustainable
redevelopment. Once again, the
survey methodology is important in
identifying those elements that add
or detract from air quality, depletion
of resources and the overall human
Central Location
Located in the Oklahoma City area,
Morrison/EDM is well positioned to
travel to any point in North America
(or beyond). All major airlines serve
the Will Rogers International Airport,
providing quick, economical travel to
virtually any destination.
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